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برای داشتن آینده ای موفق در کانادا همه به هم کمک می کنیم

زندگی و کار در کانادا (نویسنده سولماز عاملی )

Life & Work in Canada

First step after arriving @ airport

1-      Go to Immigration office

2-      Get  your luggage

3-      Take a cab

First day:

Go to Human Resource office in St.Clair (Take Southbound and get off in St. Clair station.

 In 1st Floor go with your passport & Immigration document to apply for Social Insurance No (S.I.N)

In 6th Floor, work shop, prepare your Resume, prepare you for interview

In St.Clair the same street in west site there’s a center “Skills for a change” both these places are free of charge, only specialized for immigrants.


When you get your S.I.N then you should go to the OHIP (Ontario Health) and apply for Health Card.


Then you could apply for driving license.


Transportation website:  (Toronto Transit Commission)



To search for rental apartment, to get roommate, garage sales, buy& sell stuff, the best website is:


To search job:

(Human Resource department)


The Best book can lead you to choose the best career which is suitable with your personality is:

Next Stop By:  Barbara Moses


The best place to read books free of charge is indigo and chapters.


Employment Agency:



To Purchase your grocery: (list from low prices)

-          Food basics

-          Super C

-          Metro

-          Loblaw’s

To Purchase your personal stuff and medication the best place is: Wal-Mart


Places to purchase clothes, shoes, electronics, Computers and …..:

Winners (recommended), highest brands with lowest prices


The Bay

Future shops

Best buy




Canadian Tire


Bricks (I don’t recommend)

Ware houses



Eaton Center

York dale Mall

Center Point







To Get Cell phone, internet, Cable:



For Telephone:

Bell Canada


Note: Please pay attention to the plan you choose and make sure they don’t sell you anything more. It’s part of their marketing to sell their products to new immigrants. They could do that easily.


To know more about your salary, pay cheque (Stub), Gst, Pst, payroll deduction please refer to:

CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)


Note: If you have any questions when you call Customer Service please always cal 2-3 times and talk with different agents till be sure and confirm your information.



TD Bank

Royal Bank

Bank of Montreal

Scotia Bank


Credit Cards:


Master Card

Amex (American express)

Prepaid Master Card from Capital one (



Please note that for any purchases such as (house, car, …. ), applying for loans, mortgages and …..,anywhere that you make inquiry they check your credit and do background checks.

This cause you, your score drops down and it stays in the computer at least for 6 months.


To know more about your rights as a tenant please refer to Tenant and Tenancy Act





Calculation of SIN(Social Insurance Number):


Employee's social insurance number (SIN): 550 911 895


Formula:                                  Assigned Digits


                                  Digits                  Check


Recipient's SIN

(Exclude the check digit,

position 9, from calculation) 5  5  0  9  1  1  8  9          5


                                 5     9     1     9

Multiply every second digit

   by 2                         x2    x2    x2    x2

                                --    --    --    --

                                10    18     2    18


Cross add the resulting digits (1 + 0 + 1 + 8 + 2 + 1 + 8) = 21


Cross add the intervening digits (5 + 0 + 1 + 8)           = 14


Total                                                        35


Subtract from the next highest number ending in zero         40


Check digit (i.e., 40 - 35 = 5)                               5



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